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Telepsychiatry Available



Dr. Zipperman is offering tele-health appointments for medication management and psychotherapy.

Telepsychiatry Available


Balanced Living Psychiatry is now offering secure video conferencing appointments, otherwise known as tele-psychiatry.  

Dr. Zipperman will be conducting all appointments for both new and established patients using a secure video conferencing platform until further notice due to current conditions with the Covid-19 virus.  

After the public health concerns subside, video appointments will continue to be offered as an option, in addition to in-person appointments.  

At the time of your appointment, you will simply click on a link to establish a video call on your smart phone or laptop.  No app downloads required.

Further instructions will be provided  during the new patient setup process.  

If you would like to schedule a tele-psychiatry new patient appointment, please click on the button "Request an Appointment" from the homepage.


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