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Integrative Psychiatry

Dr. Michelle Zipperman of Balanced Living Psychiatry in Seattle, Washington provides a range of therapies to her patients using a holistic approach. She uses a whole-picture focus when treating patients and provides them with a treatment plan tailored specifically to their needs that combines traditional psychiatry with complementary practices.

Dr. Zipperman provides professional expertise to educate patients about their diagnosis and treatment plan options, to empower patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle through incremental change, and also to coordinate referrals to other complementary practitioners and specialists when appropriate. Her unique approach to treatment consists of the following:


Dr. Zipperman provides medication management for a broad spectrum of psychiatric conditions, including panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and coping with cancer. She also works with patients who want a physician that will not only treat the here and now but also maintain concern about the long-term implications of medications, minimizing medication side effects such as weight gain or fatigue, and emphasizing the transition to non-pharmacologic interventions such as therapy at the earliest stage of healing possible.


Dr. Zipperman offers her patients psychotherapy using both the psychodynamic technique of talk therapy along with cognitive behavioral therapy, which emphasizes teaching practical skills, including exercises that can be used at home.


To help her patients achieve more balance in their busy lives, Dr. Zipperman often recommends Eastern complementary practices including yoga, meditation, and practicing mindfulness.

Treatment Plan Tailored to Each Patient

Dr. Zipperman believes in patient-centered care, which means that patients can and should make the decisions. Her practice style is one of collaboration with her patients and other providers in the treatment team. She believes that patients often know what treatments do or do not work for them; most important is listening to patients’ preferences and adhering to them whenever possible.

Profoundly positive change happens when patients sense they are understood, that their doctor empathizes and genuinely cares for them in a compassionate way, and when their doctor partners with them to achieve balanced living. To experience the benefits of integrative psychiatry in Seattle, Washington, call Balanced Living Psychiatry today at (206) 914-9254 or request an appointment online at your convenience.

Integrative Psychiatry
Integrative Psychiatry
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